Runway Scout

A sneak peak of the product/e-commerce shots from last weeks shoot with online boutique Runway Scout.

Model: London Beauty Roxy Horner @ Premier Mgmt.
MUA: Erin Bigg
Styling: Chelsea + Susan @ Runway Scout
Photographer: Elizabeth Butner

Behind the Scenes

Alila Villas - Indonesia

I took a very short trip to Alila Villas this week to celebrate the wedding of 2 beautiful people,

The trip has left me inspired to go back and shoot there, Indonesia is a unique place which is full of interesting photo opportunities. I have never seen black sand before and I can't explain how infatuated I am by it!

_H6A9976 copy.jpg


Australian model, Alicia Davis, was back on our shores for the next few weeks and I had to squeeze in a shoot with her before she jet set off again. The images did not disappoint! Very excited to share these!


Photographer & Stylist : Elizabeth Butner

Makeup Artisit : Samantha Temple - MAC COSMETICS 

Model: Alicia Davis - Tamblyns Models, Chadwicks Models, Ford Models

Hair Stylist: Shannon James Julian Williams -


COAT by Ellery. BOOTS by siren. JEWELERY by Petite Grand, BRIEFS by Calvin Klein  

How to re create this bronzed dewy look?
Sam uses, FOUNDATION - face and body, HIGHLIGHT - Creme colour base in Luna , EYESHADOW - Constructivist paint pot + uninterrupted pro long wear, LIPS - strip down lip liner + Mineralise lipgloss in modest, BRONZER - BB Refined glow, MASCARA - Extended play.

All products by MAC.

Behind the scenes - Runway Scout

I always love shooting e-commerce with the team at Runway Scout - check out their newest winter arrivals!

                                                   Shop >

                                                     Model: Sophie Applegarth                  

                                                            MUA: Erin Bigg


Behind The Scenes Shooting + Fashion Editorial

This week I had the pleasure of shooting Caroline Austin from Dallys, 2morrow and Ford Model Management. Well worth the 3 am call time! I always love the results from a sunrise shoot, you can't beat that light! 

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Behind The Scenes Shooting Swim

I recently shot a swim story with the beautiful Sophie Applegarth from Dallys Models & the talented makeup artist Ashlea Penfold. 

Sophie has naturally great bone structure  & skin so we wanted to keep the makeup fresh, luminous & minimal. 

The location was a beautiful beach situated between 3 coves along the Australian coastline, this meant that I could shoot from any angle and have a great backdrop to work with. We had the choice of the ocean to our front, rock faces either side & the beautiful green hills to our back.

One challenge of this location is that the hills block the afternoon sun. Therefor we loose light 2 hours earlier than normal. To achieve the warm summer look I was after, I used a medium soft box on a Broncolor Move pack to simulate the sun.


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Travel Diary

Not too long ago I was linked an article. It was a series of daugnting images that detailed the worlds most dangerous hike. The views looked incredible and the hike looked both mentally and physically challenging which is why I told myself I was going to do it. Im proud to say 2 moths later, I spent 2 days concurring Mt Hua Shan in X'ian, China. One of the most spectacular adventurers I have embarked on.


The views from the peaks are breathtaking!

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Behind the scenes Model Testing

I recently shot a model test with the beautiful Sophie Applegarth. Its important to keep it simple with this style of photography. As photographers we want to show the models natural features off so clients can then look at the models images and create a vision of their own for what she could be. 

If you would like to book in a Model Test please email me :

Makup / Hair - Penny Antuar

Model - Sophie @ Dallys Models



Love the final results!